This Week In Groceries

This Week In Groceries

1.88 boneless skinless chicken breasts
2.99 80% lean ground beef * See special Below For more savings
2.67 85% lean ground turkey
.99 lb smoked Ham shank portion
40% off all Perdue chicken
*Save 2 dollars on your ground beef purchase when you spend 6 dollars on
(.88 Hunts Tomato Ketchup
.99 Kraft Barbeque sauce
2/4 Vlassic Pickles
2.99 Helmans real mayonaise)

3/5 Sour Cream

.88 chef Boyardee

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Movie Review - Neighbors by: Dawn Leoni

Movie Review – Neighbors by: Dawn Leoni

Neighbors by: Dawn Leoni As Seen on Carbonated Baby’s Blog

Movie Rating ♥♥♥♥♥+ (5+/5) Movie Trailer Posted below

The trailer really doesn’t do this movie justice.  I was laughing from the first scene.  I think as a new first time mom this movie was truly hilarious.  I am not sure people without children will completely grasp the full enjoyment of the parent aspect of the movie.  There are parts…

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My Paleo Diet Journey - Week 2 ~ By Dawn Leoni

My Paleo Diet Journey – Week 2 ~ By Dawn Leoni

I have been on the paleo diet for 2 weeks and have so much natural energy it still amazes me.  I feel like dinner planning is so much easier having a basic plan.  It is also easier to keep sweets and bad carbs out of our diet when there are so many delicious substitutes.  Last weekend a group of friends got together and we celebrated our children’s 2nd birthdays with a pot luck picnic.  Quite a…

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This Week In Groceries 5/8/14

This Week In Groceries 5/8/14

This week in groceries ImageStop and shop. Pasta Roni .88 ( this is the best price I have seen for Pasta Roni.) Stop and shop Brand Butter 2/4. (buy your butter at stop and shop THIS WEEK) 2/5 Hood Ice cream Bogo Perdue Shortcuts. B&M Baked beans .88 2/4 stop and shop grahm crackers or vanilla wafers 3/9 doritos 2/4 stop and shop instant oatmeal 10/10 stop and shop orange juice 1.49 maxwell house…

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Text Etiquette :

We will begin with the vastly misunderstood and overused ok’s.

K = Bitchy. I have never seen a happy K.

Ok = 10-4 & Unnecessary. I have never read an “ok” message and that was anything more than a waste of time.K?

Okay = Adorable, cute, and bashfull the best way:)

Ok! = 10-4 but happy and excited! And totally worth it.  

Let’s now move on to the oh’s.

Oh = Bitchy. Just like K.

Oh? = Is…

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This week in groceries

This week in groceries

So, My goal is to show you all the best of the grocery circulars every thursday. However This particular thursday, The mailman neglected to leave me my circulars. So, I was left to deal with what i could get off the internet. I will elaborate on everything tomorrow, But for now, Heres- THIS WEEK IN GROCERIES
Stop and Shop
clip coupons
.99 Apple or cranberry juice
1.88 Cabot butter
.99 Eggo Waffles

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Homework: I’VE HAD IT !!!!

Homework: I’VE HAD IT !!!!

It doesn’t matter if my kids or I have had a good day or bad, if my day is long because of work or housework, or if it is the beginning of the week or the end, getting my kids to do their homework is a NIGHTMARE.

Lets face it, the average parent weather a single parent or not ends thier day around five or six. Then there is dinner to make (and sometimes groceries to get before you can even do…

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